Physical Geography of Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico

The Rio Grande Rift extends from Colorado to Chihuahua, Mexico. The Rift is named and outlined after the Rio Grande River that flows from Colorado through the extent of the Mexican State of Chihuahua Mexico.




Distinguishable valleys to the Rift are recognizable in the US but unrecognizable in the basin and range in the Mexican State of Chihuahua.


Slowly but steadily does The Rio Grande Rift continue to widen. The Rio Grande Rift formed millions and millions of years ago causing volcanic activity in this area.
 However, The Rio Grande River was not formed by the Rio Grande Rift. The extension of the Earth’s crust formed The Rio Grande Rift. The thinning and faulting “formed topographic depressions or  basins that captured small creeks and streams, and gradually directed drainage along the rift axis.” “As water progressively incised (cut through) the rocks, a river formed.”
 The Rio Grande River was established by tectonic rifting.fg02_20
As you can see the outline the rift process by the image above you can gain a glimpse of how the rift is produced when the Earth’s lithosphere stretches and thins. Thus, formed the Rio Grande River that now runs from Colorado to the Mexican State of Chihuahua, Mexcio.
Chihuahua is known for other phenomenal geographical beauties. Copper Canyon which is deeper than the Grand Canyon. The Piedra Volada Falls, stands at 1,486 feet in height and the Basaseachic Falls, stands at 807 feet in height. Casas Grandes area which contain hundred year old cliff dwellings. Finally, several archaeological sites that Pancho Villa was part of.


Copper Canyon


 Cusarare Waterfalls Creel


Basaseachi Falls Creel
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